Operation Phantom Fury

INTRODUCTION Solo Card Game. Lead US Marines in the assault on Fallujah. Written by Brian Peterson, based on Lloyd Krasner's Fallujah card game. THE DECK There are two decks, the American deck and the Insurgency deck. Insurgency card types include: N:Tactics, I:Insurgents, P:Positions, X:Explosives, O:Ojectives American card types include: T:Tactics, G:Infantry, A:Armor, S:Support, R:Recon, D:Disarm THE PILES As Play progresses 7 Piles will form: 1-3 Front-Line: Insurgent Positions 1, 2 & 3 (left-to-right) 4 Casualty (American Casulties & Losses in Amercian Prestige) 5-6 Discard (American & Insurgent Discard Piles) 7 Capture (Captured Insurgents & Objectives) VICTORY The game Ends when there are no cards left in the Insurgent Deck and there are no cards left on the front-lines. See Victory Table. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 9 Phases: 1. Reinforcement Phase 2. Resource Phase 3. Insurgent Movement Phase 4. Recon Phase 5. Disarm Phase 6. Strike Phase 7. Artillery Phase 8. Assault Phase 9. Insurgent Fire Phase REINFORCEMENT PHASE: Draw 2 cards from the American deck. RESOURCE PHASE: Limit hand to 6 cards, discard any excess cards. INSURGENT MOVEMENT PHASE: Draw 1 card for each front-line. If 1st card place it face up. If 2nd card place it face down. If 3rd card place it face up. If 4th card place it face down. If greater than 4th card: 1. Place it face up. 2. If there is another face-up card of the same type: N, I, P, X then discard whichever card of that type has the lowest value. If the type is an O:Objective card then discard the highest value instead. RECON PHASE: You may target any front-line with a recon card. Roll 1d6, on a 1-4 flip all insurgents cards in that position face-up. You may repeat for each recon card. Note: If you fail recon you are allowed to target the same position with another recon card. DISARM PHASE: You may target any face-up explosive on the front-line with a disarm card. Roll 1d6, on a 1-4 safely remove explosive. You may repeat for each disarm card. Note: If you fail to disarm you are allowed to target the same position with another disarm card. STRIKE PHASE: You may elect to send in "support" ahead of the troops. Up-side down cards and explosive cards are ignored in the strike phase. Select targets and follow standard combat rules below. Insurgents & Objectives are discarded and not captured in this phase (no victory points). Support cards used are discarded after the strike. Support units are immune to insurgent fire. ARTILLERY PHASE: You may elect to send in artillery ahead of the troops to take out position cards. Use standard combat rules except only use the value of the position card targeted (insurgents are ignored). You can not target more than one position card with an artillery card, but more than one artillery card can target a single position card. The insurgents in that position can respond with a full attack on the armor card(s). Use standard combat rules, armor gets a x2 defense value. Discard any used non-casulty armor cards after this phase. ASSAULT PHASE: Unlike Tactical Strikes & Artillery only positions with insurgents or objectives can be targeted in an assault. At least one infantry or armor is required to attack a front-line position although infantry, support, and armor cards can all be used in the assaults. If you win in a front-line position assault take the insurgent and objective cards and put them in the capture pile and take all of the rest of the cards in that position and put them in the discard pile. INSURGENT FIRE PHASE: If the Americans do not win the assault phase the front-line insurgents for each attacked position return fire. Do not include position card values in the force total in this phase. Otherwise standard combat rules apply. If the insurgents win the roll then put all infantry and armor cards in the casulty pile and support units in the discard pile, otherwise put all attacking American cards in the discard pile. STANDARD COMBAT RULES: Arrange each card below the front-line position you wish to attack. Flip over all up-side down cards in the attacked positions (except in the strike phase). Roll 1d6 for each explosive card, if it is 1-4 then it explodes. Repeat for all explosive cards. Sum all exploded values. If the value is greater than any invidual attacking unit then move the unit of the highest value that is still lower than the explosive value to the casulty pile. Place all exploded explosive cards in the casulty pile. To determine the force value add up the value of insurgents/infantry and multiply by 1 + number of tactics cards. When the insurgents are on defense add the value of all position cards. When the Americans are on defense multiply the values of armor cards by 2. CARD LIST NOTATION N = Insurgent Tactics I = Insurgents P = Positions X = Explosives T = American Tactics G = Infantry A = Armor S = Support R = Recon D = Disarm O = Objective CARD LIST Card Name Type # Force Notes Jihadists I 2 5 Hard-core Insurgents I 3 4 Rocket Attacks I 2 4 Mortar Attacks I 2 3 Fundamentalists I 2 2 Part-time Insurgents I 6 1 Guerilla Warfare N 1 - Shoot & Scoot N 1 - Ambush N 1 - Attack Isolated Units N 1 - Urban Combat N 1 - Pitched Battle N 1 - Close Quarters Firefight N 1 - Vehicle Accident N 1 - Pillbox P 2 5 Mosque P 2 4 Casulty Not Discard Concrete House P 2 4 Tight Alley P 2 3 Roof Top P 2 2 Courtyard P 2 1 Protect Flanks T 1 - Systematic Advance T 1 - Coordination T 1 - Company Commander T 1 - Ingenuity T 1 - Adaptability T 1 - Small Unit Tactics T 1 - Rapid Reinforcement T 1 - M1 Abrams Tank A 2 5 120mm Main Gun Bradley AFV A 2 4 M1127 Stryker APC's A 2 3 Up-Armored Humvee A 2 2 Humvee A 2 1 Infrared Cameras R 1 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles R 1 - Dragon Eyes R 1 - Pioneers R 1 - Predators R 1 - Surveillance R 1 - Intelligence Profile R 1 - Blue Force Tracker R 1 - Marine Regimental Combat Team G 4 5 Army Mechanized Infantry G 2 5 Field Artillery G 2 4 Infantry G 2 4 Iraqi Commandos G 2 3 Iraqi Infantry G 2 2 Iraqi National Guard G 2 1 Suicide Bomber X 2 5 Roadside Bomb X 2 5 Radio Controlled Bomb X 2 4 Car Bomb X 2 3 Improvised Explosive Device X 2 2 Low Tech Bomb X 2 1 Warlock Jammer D 1 - Sharp Eyes D 1 - Spotters D 1 - Disposal Team D 1 - Robot D 1 - F/A-18 Fighters S 1 4 Precision Munitions Cobra Helicopter Gunships S 1 3 Hellfire Missiles AC-130 Slayer S 1 5 105mm Howitzer Fire Support Team S 1 5 FIST Artillery S 1 3 Mortars S 1 1 Forward Observer S 1 1 Forward Air Controller S 1 4 Laser Designators Sniper Team S 2 2 Guardian Angel High-Profile Jihadist O 2 5 Secured District O 2 4 Insurgent Leader O 2 3 Secured Road O 2 2 Secured Block O 2 1 VICTORY TABLE: Victory points is the sum of values in the captured pile minus the sum of values in the casulties pile. less than 6: Surrender 6-10: Defeat 11-15: Black-Eye 16-20: Stalemate 21-25: Victory 26-30: Bronze Star 31-36: Silver Star 36+: Medal of Honor LINKS Wikipedia
The original Fallujah card game.